The ultimate hot water solution

Hot water solution
Long live ages old, never repaired student dorms…

Actually the problem is more complex. There are quite many dorms located in old buildings that have a `cultural heritage’ status and as such may not be modified without authorisation of responsible institutions.

In principle a good regulation, as it prevents ruining rests of old architecture, but sometimes it really backfires – in this case the dorm cannot be modified to provide in-room hot water.

Renovation costs are also pretty high – it’s really controversial sometimes, as the materials used must match the style and finish of the original fittings.Sure again – it’s a god idea, but what if there’s no money for special paint orexotic type of plaster? Shall the building fall into ruin just because nobody’s ready to pay for reverting it to the truly original state, or maybe it’s good to use something cheaper, but preserving the state if not the style?

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