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LEGO Classroom for EV3 bugs (Windows/Android)

Lego has released their Classroom app for Windows/Android. Which is great, as now you can actually do some serious programming on your Android tablet (previously you had to go for a full-fledged Windows system to get variables, custom blocks etc. … Continue reading

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Lego PoweredUp bugs/missing features

Lego Powered Up is a mixed bag of features. There are some great ideas and many not that great. I sometimes wonder, if the app gets any sort of testing before being released to the public. It gives me the … Continue reading

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LEGO Powered Up Connector

Recently (years, not decades) LEGO introduced a new family of motors, sensors and control system – it was and is a bit confusing, but whether you think of LEGO WeDo, Control+, Powered Up, Spike Prime or the new Mindstorms 51515 … Continue reading

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Calibration of an Absolute IMU-ACG (or IMU-A / IMU-AC) by Mindsensors (Mindstorms EV3 acceleration, compass and gyro sensor – 9DOF)

So I got an Absolute IMU-ACG sensor made by And it was a lemon to boot. My luck was, I bought it via Generation Robots. They made a short deal out of it and I got a replacement sensor … Continue reading

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MEZ Elektronik ME2

Elektronik ME2 to fantastyczny zestaw do nauki o podstawowych elementach elektronicznych, produkowany w latach 80-tych w Pradze czeskiej przez MEZ. W dzisiejszych czasach próżno szukać podobnej klasy zestawu w równie przystępnej formie. Walizeczki pojawiają się od czasu do czasu na … Continue reading

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