Friday – bowling…

They say, bowling is a sport immitation for beer drinkers, chatters and mums with kids 🙂 Well, I won’t risk saying things like that, but in case of a casual freindly meeting the sport part is definitely not the most important thing 😛

On Friday Xinyi and her colleagues went bowling — taking me along. As I have injured my right hand that day, I played the deadweight and enjoyed shooting photos only. I took my new toy — the 20mm Flektogon on a Praktica and two rolls of Tmax 3200 film. I exposed it at ISO800 and 1600 resp. then flash-scanned it using my 300D. I screwed the flash backlight and didn’t notice it till I had the scans loaded in my PC, so the quality stinks a good bit, I’ll redo it if I find some free time.

So, this is the bunch `playing’ (notice the importance of social relations in sport):
2006-02-27 00-10-09 8709.jpg

Some actual bowling shots:
bowling #1

one can’t be always perfect:
bowling #2 - not always succesful

Let it roll!
bowling #3

and a well deserved cocktail-bar evening afterwards 🙂
bowling - after
One photo directly from 300D — Xinyi’s portrait

More photos will come – keep an eye on my party-photos gallery (right now only a full set of b/w photos, color shots yet to come)

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