My first self developed films ;)

Well well well…
OK, I screwed. I can blame only half the fault on my camera, which is due for a light seal replacement. I guess I *gulp* am responsible for the rest 🙂

A few poor flashscans (I have to get a bit more proficient at this…) of my first two rolls:

Tmax 3200 meets Xinyi 🙂

well, this is where Tmax 3200 IS good – at least to me:
Xinyi drawing

This is where it’s acceptable
Xinyi drawing #2

And this is where I shall avoid using it 😛
Reutlnigen - our backyard

Tmax 400 and Karlsruhe at night:

Platz der Grundrechte


Well… 24mm is something one has to learn to use 🙂 In a few days my Flektogon 20mm shall arrive along with a small stock of Tmax3200, we’ll see what can I learn before I run out of money 😛

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